Marriage is one of two sacraments of service.  The other is Holy Orders, ordination to the diaconate or priesthood.   Marriage is a vocation, a Christian marriage is a "covenantal relationship between a man, woman and God".  God himself is the author of marriage. 


  • Active parish membership is expected before a wedding date may be set.
  • Allow additional 6 months in advance of wedding date to fulfill the preparation program recommended by the Diocese.
  • Contact Deacon Gerry at the parish office at 739-5119.

Mass Times


    Saturday 4:30 pm
     St. Mary Church

    Sunday 8:00, 9:30, &
     11:00 am
     St. Mary Church


    Monday & Tuesday 12:05 pm
     St. Joseph Church 

    Wednesday & Thursday 12:05 pm
    St. Mary Church   

    Friday 8:30 am
    St. Mary Chapel

    Friday 12:05 pm
    St. Joseph Church   

    HOLY DAYS- see bulletin for times



Tuesday 2 pm 
         St. Mary Chapel


Saturday 9 am            

    St. Mary Church



    St. Joseph Church