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Worship Aid – Mar. 29 (pdf)

Fr. Bill’s Prayer of Dedication to St. Joseph

(read instead of Intercessions)

With your Beloved Spouse and our Mother, Mary, at your side, Dear Saint Joseph, our Gentle Protector, who did all in your power to make sure that the mantle of divine grace and consolation enfolded your Holy Family, Beg JESUS, our Healer, to embrace the human family throughout the world with his tender love gentle healing and peaceful calm.

JESUS, expand our hearts. Fill us with an overwhelming sense of compassionate solidarity with our sisters and brothers who are suffering with illness, the heartbreaking loss of family and friends, fear and loneliness, the uncertainty of it all.

JESUS, bless with your strength parents who worry about how to watch over their scared children our elderly sisters and brothers, among whom are many of our priests and religious employers who have to close their small businesses and send their workers home doctor, nurses, caregivers, and first responders whose passion it is to do no harm and public health and government officials whose responsibility it is to keep us safe.

JESUS, be especially close to our Parish Family. As we make this Lenten Sacrifice never before made in our lives and enter the desert, fasting from the grace and strength that the Holy Mass and Holy Communion shower upon us, Keep us mindful of so many of our global brothers and sisters who celebrate Mass at most once a year.

JESUS, come to our rescue!

JESUS, we trust in You!

HOLY MARY, Mother of Sorrows, carry us to JESUS!

SAINT JOSEPH, Patron of the Universal Church, carry us to JESUS!



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A Prayer for Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.
I love you above all things and I desire to receive you in my soul.
Since I cannot at this moment receive you sacramental, Come spiritually into my heart.
I embrace you as if you were already there.
And unite myself wholly to you.
Never permit me to be separated from you.

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