Appleton, WI

Day by Day with Father Bill

April 12: Day by Day with Father Bill

MONDAY OF THE SECOND WEEK OF EASTER   -from Pope Francis’ Easter Homily this year   This is the third message of Easter: Jesus, the Risen Lord, loves us without limits and is there at every moment of our lives. Having made himself present in the heart of our world, he invites us to overcome […]

April 7: Day by Day with Father Bill

EASTER WEDNESDAY   -from the Irish poet, John O’Donohue   On this Easter morning, let us look again at the lives we have been so generously given and let us let fall away the useless baggage that we carry — old pains, old habits, old ways of seeing and feeling — and let us have the courage to begin […]

April 6: Day by Day with Father Bill

EASTER TUESDAY The Tree Cutters by Cole Henri   You can’t see them and then you can, like bear cubs in the treetops working for man, hoisting one another with ropes and pulleys that seem the clearest possible metaphor for bright feelings vs. dark feelings, as I lie in the grass below, hearing the big limbs fall, like lightning […]

April 5: Day by Day with Father Bill

EASTER MONDAY This is a medieval poem from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: After Christmas comes the crabbed Lent, Which tests the flesh with fish and simpler food; But then the weather of the world wages war against winter, Cold clears away, clouds lift, Brightly sheds the rain in warm showers And falls upon […]

April 3/4: Day by Day with Father Bill – Weekend Edition

With guest columnist Emily Jenks (Neighborhood Outreach & Parish Vitality) Our human nature has a particular way of connecting dates with memories. Oftentimes we carry these dates as personal timestamps in our heart, only to be shared with the closest of family and friends. We also have those dates we collect as a nation; 9/11 […]

April 2: Day by Day with Father Bill

GOOD FRIDAY -from Johann Ernst von Holst’s The Crucified is My Love: Morning and Evening Devotions for the Holy Season of Lent   Now Jesus hangs on the accursed tree, an outcast between heaven and earth. His pale face is bent forward. His arms that opened lovingly to the weary and heavy-laden are drawn taut […]

April 1: Day by Day with Father Bill

HOLY THURSDAY -from Pope Francis’ Holy Thursday homily last year   This is what we experience in tonight’s celebration: the Lord who wants to remain with us in the Eucharist. And we become the Lord’s tabernacles, carrying the Lord with us; to the point that he himself tells us: If we do not eat his body […]

March 31: Day by Day with Father Bill

WEDNESDAY OF HOLY WEEK “SPY WEDNESDAY” -from The Three Days of Pascha by Nathan Mitchell   Is history the central focus of celebration during the Triduum? Certainly, the early Christian creeds anchored belief in the historical, this-worldly circumstances that accompanied Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion under Pontius Pilate. Jesus’ life, career and death were, in other words, attached to a specific time, […]

March 30: Day by Day with Father Bill

TUESDAY OF HOLY WEEK -from Fr Henri Nouwen’s The Road to Daybreak   The voice of despair says, “I sin over and over again. After endless promises to myself and others to do better next time, I find myself back again in the old dark places. Forget about trying to change. I have tried for years. […]

March 29: Day by Day with Father Bill

MONDAY OF HOLY WEEK   -from Father Austin Fleming, The Concord Pastor   I ask you to help me, Lord, to make and keep this week holy… I hope and pray this week will be peaceful – that I’ll make some time to spend with you alone and time to go to church on these […]

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