Appleton, WI

March 5: Day by Day with Father Bill


-from the Twitter feed of Gym for the Soul, reminding us that today and every day is a Compassion Day
I choose to acknowledge my own sufferings – great and small – without becoming overwhelmed by this acknowledgement.
I choose to allow myself to heal in so far as I am able to do so.
I choose to reach out to find healing where I need that healing to be supported, nurtured or facilitated.
I choose to acknowledge that all people have some element of suffering in their lives.
I choose to let that insight permeate my thinking, my feelings, and my actions towards people.
I choose to honor the ways that others deal with their suffering as being the best way that they can at this time.
I choose to see that God is present with me and with all in our suffering and to accept God’s healing love.
I choose to see the world as a place where suffering exists and where the possibility of healing exists alongside it.
I choose to see myself as being an agent of healing.
I choose to reach out today to someone I know is suffering (in great or small ways) and simply be with them in their suffering as a presence of love.
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